The Yard Training Center


HERYard #2MOSA BEACH, CA. | JANUARY 15, 2016 – The Yard Training Center took delivery of a new CYBEX SPARC ® trainer which will add another high performance tool for serious workouts.  The Yard has been home to serious fitness enthusiasts for over twenty years.

The Dumbell Man Fitness Equipment® (TDM) worked with Yard staff to ramp up education on how the SPARC can become a “game changer” for high intensity interval training. “We pride ourselves on bringing the best knowledge and equipment to our members. The expectations are always high with our athletes and the SPARC is a great tool to add to our programs.  Everyone has been extremely impressed.” stated owner Troll Subin.

The Yard has become known as the premier training facility in the beach area.  Athletes from beach volleyball to professional hockey, football, basketball, soccer and baseball love the serious but low key atmosphere.