Fit for the Holidays Challenge – Week 3



Week 2 of this year’s Fit for the Holidays challenge starts this Sunday. Please read Fit for the Holidays Challenge introduction if you haven’t done so already. The challenge runs until December 24th and started October 8th. Each Friday, we’ll release the next week’s list of daily challenges. They’ll include a minimum of three days a week of exercises, along with challenges meant to instruct and grow your knowledge of nutritional and emotional health.



Sunday 10/22/17- Act like a Baby

Listen to this Breaking Muscle Podcast episode with Tim Anderson. Spend a little time breathing deep, rocking, neck nodding, rolling, and crawling. Just play with the idea.



End or Begin your workout with 5 Minutes of Lunges- GO! Also, how are the pull-ups going? If unsure what else to do, practice those and go through that get back up circuit again. 


In the video below we cover:


  • Make sure you have a notebook and are tracking each day. This takes virtually no time, but will become really necessary as we move forward.
  • 5 Minutes of Lunges
  • Bonus- Pull-ups, Dragon Walk, RDL, Carries
  • A reminder to do all days of the challenge, even the non-workout days. There is method to the madness. Many of the goals will become integrated as we go and promote willpower and mental health necessary for long term training success and physical health. Though our society doesn’t model this, we need to remember that you cannot separate physical, mental, and emotional health- they are deeply interrelated