A Beginner Flow for Anyone Who's Intimidated by Yoga


A yoga studio can be an intimidating place. Just imagine: uber-limber people standing on their heads talking about downward dogs and cat-cows. Cat whats? Exactly. Before you even head to a studio class, get to know the basics with this beginner flow.

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This video focuses on one of the fundamental principles of yoga: connecting movement to breath. By doing so, you’ll develop a proper practice and experience all of the mental and physical benefits yoga has to offer. Plus, the next time you’re feeling stressed or low energy, you can use this breathing technique along with a few key poses to instantly chill out or perk up.

This video is the first in a 30-day beginner yoga series led by Grokker‘s Celest Pereira. The program is designed to introduce new students to the foundations of yoga by teaching the basic poses, postures, and sequences that will develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Just grab a mat and hit play.