5 Expert Tips to Stay Active on Vacation So You Don't Blow All Your Hard Work


2. Set Yourself Up for Success

With more and more people foregoing the typical week-away for a runcation, fitness retreat, or post-marathon moon, hotels, resorts, and even airlines are all catering to healthy-minded travelers. So if you want to make fitting fitness into your trip easy, consider the amenities of your accommodations.

Westin, a pioneer in healthy travel, offers concierges for a variety of activities, including running, tennis, golf, yoga, Zumba, cycling, and hiking at select locations. The chain has also partnered with New Balance to lend guests workout gear for a small fee (so you won’t return home with a suitcase full of smelly clothes) and Peloton to offer guests access to indoor cycling bikes. “If you’re not looking for a retreat, and you’re just looking to travel, we want to help you not lose the routine you have at home,” says Chris Heuisler, a RunWESTIN concierge.

Similarly, Hilton hotels have partnered with Wattbike indoor cycling bikes to up their fitness offerings this year. Want to bust out of the hotel? Select Kimpton hotels offer PUBLIC bikes for guests to cruise around on, and Priority bikes supplies fleets to a variety of hotels and resorts. New and improved offerings like this allow you to shake things up. “Repeating the same workout every day can become mundane and methodical,” says Jodi Sullivan, Hilton Worldwide’s senior director of global fitness. Making sure you have what you need to prioritize exercise is key. “Or if exercising outdoors motivates you, take a long walk and explore your travel destination,” Sullivan says.

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