14 Day Swim Challenge – Week 2



Welcome to the second week of the 14 Day Swim Challenge! Go to the Week 1 of the 14 Day Swim Challenge to start at the beginning. Otherwise, thanks for jumping in on the first week of this adventure. To reiterate, the goal of this challenge is to take you from zero to swimming (freestyle) with comfort and competence in fourteen days. This week, like the last will have 5 days of short swim workouts and two days of work on dryland on your off days. Mastering the technique takes priority over fitness development.



Day 8: Getting Closer, 6-1-6 to 6-3-6

Welcome to your second week of the challenge! Today we take a big step towards actual freestyle swimming. We’re going to build from the 6-1-6 drill that you did last week and add more stroking with the 6-3-6 drill. Everything will be with fins today so you can comfortably get a feel for the drill. The 6-3-6 will start to put all the things together: feel for water, body position, kicking, body roll, and actual stroking. The journey just got pretty exciting!


Gear Needed: Fins and pull buoy


Drills for today:


  • Scull 8×50, scull down, kick back w/fins & buoy.
  • Side kick, without fins, 4 x 25
  • 6-1-6, w/ fins, 10 x 25.
  • 6-3-6, w/ fins, 10 x 25